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“Our custom test systems build upon reuse of proven designs that result in fast delivery, fewer issues and lower overall cost.” – Brian Esque, Vice President

“We have rigorously developed and defined the LabVIEW state-machine to ensure that our client’s applications are built on a reliable, supportable foundation.” – Zachary Kistler, P.E., Senior Project Engineer

“We provide a reliable and quality designed industrial control panel customized to our client’s specifications.” – Phillippe Wilhelm, Control Systems Manager

“We come from a business with over 100 years experience. We’ve taken the engineering, integrity and professionalism required to sustain that business and built a reliable test engineering company.” – Darren Lingafeldt, President

Custom Test Systems

Nexjen Systems has the expertise and resources to design, build and verify complete test systems. More

Test Engineering

We have applied these test engineering practices to a range of structured services including Test Platform Development, Test Execution, Design Verification and Pre-Conformance Testing. More

Industrial Automation Systems

We specialize in control panel fabrication, system integration and design engineering. We have the expertise and resources to design, build and certify complete control panel systems for OEM and manufacturing companies. More

About Nexjen Systems

Nexjen Systems, LLC is a full service system integrator. Our mission is to give our clients a competitive edge in the global marketplace through the timely implementation of advanced testing and solutions. More


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